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tv   [untitled]    June 20, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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the mtc. how oftener -- to get to to question, how oftener do we update this, this is a yearly or every other year? >> it's usually every two years. er >> really that was my only question, it was a very interesting reading and it was a great wrap up so i will make a motion to approve? >> second. >> all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> the ayes have it. >> mr. chairman item 12 on your agenda amends the transportation code division ii, section 601 to extend the transit only area on market street from 8th street to 3rd street westbound and from 5th street to 3rd street eastbound and approves various traffic and parking modifications to implement the safer market street project, i will not read all of the traffic modifications. >> mr. mcguire, are you going to present? okay thank you. >> good afternoon again director i'm joined with
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marie hunter from our staff, i'm excited to be here to talk to you today about a great opportunity to support vision 0 and to support the safer market street project. the top priority of our agency and of the sustainable streets division is public safety and the top priority of this project is protecting the lives of the hundreds of thousands of people who use market street on foot, on bicycles, riding muni and in vehicles every day. market streets are mostly [inaudible] street and southbound be our safer street however it's not. someone is hit by a vehicle and injured every one to two weeks, four of the 20 most dangerous intersections of the city for pedestrians are market street, market and 4th market and 5th market and 6th market and 7th and as we think about what our commitment to vision 0 means we say trashes and debts on the street are not longer acceptable, these transit conditions we don't believe are acceptable. the kinds of crashes that are
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happening on market street are largely resulting from vehicles making turns across crosswalks when pedestrians have the right-of-way, when there are heavy pedestrian volumes and vehicles hit pedestrians while they're crossing the crosswalks, the only way to save lives and reduce jirs is to reduce dramatically the number of vehicles wlo are making turns and that's what the basis of this project is. this is not a project that is about taxi regulations it has nothing to do with trying to pit taxis against uber, it's about reducing the number of vehicles wlo are turning so we can reduce the number of collision that is are taking place on market street. we're particularly looking to protect the most vulnerable people on market street, those wlo are on bicycles and more importantly those on foot. it will have the added benefit of reducing vehicle congestion because what marie hunter walks through the details of
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the way the prescribers work, the streets from 3rd to 8th do experience high congestion during peak hours, a lot of that as a result of one or two vehicles trying to turn right and blocking traffic, that will go away, and just as importantly by extending the red bus lanes on market street all the way to third street on both directions will have a direct increase of the reliability of the muni bus line, so we'll no longer have that condition where one or two vehicles pull up and an entire bus full of people is not able to load or unload because of peak hours because of the reliability of vehicles on market street. i want to make sure we're not banning private vehicles from market street, we're proposing a series of turn restrictions so just like private vehicles are required to turn in the eastbound direction at ted
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street today but can reenter at 9th street, when marie goes through details, there are certain private details to reach certain intersperses on market street, but in those intersections where we have heavy crash patterns we want to restrict those. st project is designed that exempts small commercial vehicle from the turn restrictions so the vehicles who would be exempt from the prescribers are buses including our own muni fleet commercial vehicles like delivery vans and delivery trucks with commercial plates, taxis, and any other vehicle that has a commercial license plate. i want to be clear about that, there are certain vehicles that are driven as limousines, private car services and tcp class vehicles which do operate in tmc fleets. the vehicles that will not be allowed to make the turns are
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private vehicles and private vehicles includes everything from the private automobile owned by any of us to a tmc vehicle that is not a registered commercial vehicle and i believe that is the source of much of the public discussion about the tmc impacts earlier this week. i think it's important to acknowledge there are long stretches of market street because of the heavy transit traffic, the green like lane and is the narrowness of the street there's no safe place to stop on market street. one of the important features that i want to make sure that doesn't get lost is 12 new passenger loading zones on all the cross streets on market between 3rd and 8th, so 8 new white zones four new blue zones for disabled curb access every cross street between 3rd and 8th, every single block of market
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between 3rd and 8th will have a passenger loading zone on both the south and the north side of market, so we're maintaining accessibility for private vehicles at all the intersections and achieving some alighting and akhao*efg some paintbacker painted safety zones as well but we're saying the safe place to unload and load is at those zones, on on market street. i'm going to turn it over to marie hunter who's going to walk through some of the details of the project and we'll be happy to answer your questions. >> good afternoon. >> thank you. as tom mentioned, this is a project that supports vision zero so we've been working on this for over a year now. we started with an intercept survey in the summer of 2014, this -- we were on the streets connecting with people who were just walking by to understand how people were accessing market street and
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using the street, we found that the vast majority were walking, biking, taking transit, even those who did drive to the project area were not driving along market streets, they parked at a nearby location and then walked to market street. we also conducted two outreach events as well as the public hearing that required sending out notices to all the businesses along market street additionally, we've reached out to over 20 stakeholders and groups, directly engaged them to provide briefings and updates, our information is on the website always available to field questions, and finally we have been connected with mapping providers to make sure that if this project moves forward, we're able to update those navigational tools so people can access the project
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area safely. so, the proposals that we're bringing to you today include turn restrictions, so vehicles as they today travel across market street, that motion or that ability will not be disrupted by this project. this is just turn prescribers on to market street. again, through -- between the intersections of 3rd and 8th street we selected turn restrictions, this countermeasure because of the local benefit as tom mcguire mentioned we have a lot of conflicts with turning movements and the large volumes of pedestrians. this reduces the conflict turn restrictions also have the benefit of extending beyond the intersection because you're removing that traffic, it also mitigates the collisions we're seeing mid block, we see a lot of collisions mid block as well
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with one treatment we're addressing both of those issues. the other treatment that we are proposing is extending the transit only lanes so they currently exist in the westbound direction starting at 8th street and extend to fifth street in the eastbound direction both will be extended to 3rd street. again as previously mentioned, this -- we have a number of transit line that is are coming into the corridor at various places but there are times when we have 12 bus routes including the f line and so this eliminates some of that weaving in and out of that center lane for vehicles that are still allowed to access market street. and again it does remove part of na delay that we're seeing today with vehicles parked at -- or stopped at transit islands preventing buses to come all the way to the transit island and board in the like.
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and then we're also proposing a number of new parking zones for the zones as well as 8 new passenger loading zones so this will provide a very specific space for people to pick up and drop off passengers wanting to access market street between 8th and 3rd and again this is for private vehicles tnc's and now they have very specific locations where they can safely pick up and drop off passengers. for market vaoet is proposing six painted safety zones this is a painted treatment, this is an extension of the curb delineated with safe hip posts, this treatment really prioritizes pedestrian safety it shortens the distance pedestrians are walking through the crosswalk and exposed to traffic, it
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improves visibility and slows vehicles, turning vehicles. i finally want to discuss the effects of traffic through the safer market street proposals. we did a very comprehensive traffic analysis to understand what the impact may be. we found that 30-50% of these vehicles would be diverted off of market street and when we allocate today the areas north and south of market street, this is about 3-5% increase this was not found to be a significant impact. as you might expect, west of 6th street, it would be less noticeable, east of 6th street it would be a little more noticeable, over time, we're confident this will dissipate more so when people become more accustomed to the restrictions and finding new routes or transitioning to
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walking or biking or transit. then finally i just want to touch on the implementation plan. we've been working with the paint shop, the meter shop closely to have a coordinated implementation plan to minimize the impact, we also have secured digital message signs, so with vehicles are approaching the intersection prior to full implementation they are aware that safer market street is coming and even after implementation, we'll leave them up for a period of time so people have a transition time in seeing that in advance, as well as the permanent signs and then finally we have partner witched the sfmta parking control officers as well as sfpd for enforcement. with the dial message signs the permanent sign and is parking control officer, we are confident that it will be very obvious, the movements that are permissible to turn
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around a parking control officer will be difficult and if and when that happens, we have sfpd available to cite violations. so, if there are any questions. >> thank you, members of the board, questions or comments of staff? we have a a number of members of the public. >> imederbacker i would like to hear members of the public first. thank you. >> i just want to thank you for hearing the comments and i just want to stress that it's really important to remember that reducing the volume of turning vehicles at these intersections for the 20 most dangerous intersections of the city, reducing the volume is the way we're going to stop these crash and is that's the best thing we could do for vision vao*er row this year >> >> mr. chairman we have plenty of members of the public would wish to address the board on this matter, and some of them we do have an overflow room and so i will call about 5 names ahead so
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that people in that room when they hear their name can make their way here. ( calling speaker names ). they're the first five. >> herbert winer, i can approve the regulation of automobile collisions, automobiles colliding against other automobiles automobiles running over pedestrians but if you'll notice on this chart, 3% includes bicycles running over pedestrians. now this has to be carefully regulated too. bicycles are moving vehicles. they have the same rights and responsibilities as automobiles. so, this plan definitely has to address this and i want to see bicycles really regulated the same way that automobiles are and especially riding on
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the sidewalk on market street because it's very dangerous. i have seen it happen all the time, so you have to regulate the bicycles as well as the automobiles, they can be equally dangerous. suppose for instance in the future you eliminate all automobiles running over pedestrians but then bicycles could run over pedestrians are you then going to call a vision vao*er row when deaths occur because bicycles run over pedestrians you have to give this equal attention. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> ( calling speaker names ). >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon, my name is shawn ben ward, i lived in san francisco on and off for probably 23, 24 years i ride a bike, and walk but i also own a casing i found improvements to market street
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to be a favorable one from my experience of live ining the city, it is clear that every time there's a bik lane built, there's more use by the fact that i notice it's more crowded. toing the hyperbola regarding the bicyclist and is the conditions with pedestrians a little overblown, i know it happens but not the extent that people would like to make it, but definitely what's going on on market street is a good thing ill like to see it extended and extend it, thank you. >> next speaker, please. ( calling speaker names ). >> good afternoon. my name is [inaudible] gravis and i teach the city mandated course for new cab drivers at the taxi driver institute, i've been teaching for 20 years now. one of the things i teach is
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pedestrian and vehicle and bicycle safety. new cab drivers get into an average of three accidents a year, that's a national figure and you're saying why am i saying the thing that's bad about new cab drivers? well, that's because tnc drivers are basically new cab drivers all the time. the job is not designed to be something that you're going to do 40 50 hours a week, 50 weeks a year. you don't ever treat it like a profession. the few people who actually do treat it like a profession, those are are the rare ones, so what you've got, what was the figure we heard today 16 thousand drivers out there that's basically 16 thousand non-professional drivers out there on the streets having
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an excessive number of accidents because they think driving a driver professionally is the same thing as driving their own car. >> thank you. >> ( calling speaker names ). >> i thought you were finished, sorry. >> do i not get my 30 seconds? sorry, encouraging the tnc companies will just encourage reducing the working conditions back to the 1900's where the drivers had to own their own vehicles own their own insurance and canter covered by workman's comp, that's not the san francisco way we want to make sure the drivers are covered no matter what company they work for and the only thing that is shared by these transportation network companies, the thing that's shared is the risk and
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the public safety. they're not sharing their [inaudible]. thank you. >> okay, thank you. >> next speaker , please. >> ( calling speaker names ). >> good afternoon, nicole fer rar ra with walk san francisco i want to thank the mta for putting forward this project, as you all know, market street is one of the 6% of street that is accounts for over 60% of severe and fatal injuries in san francisco for pedestrian and is the market street project will use quick low cost effective treatments to get to those most dangerous traffic behaviors that lead to people losing their lives losing their limbs in san francisco so walk sf fully supports these februaries measures and so do our member we gathered a few hundred mignons to a petition to you all so you should be getting those or you've gotten those
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in your e-mail inbox however there's one tech company that doesn't support this project, that has been kind of silent on vision zero and has shown no responsibility as a company to support traffic safety especially evidenced by their opposition to this project and to spreading rumors about this project and that's uber, so other ride share companies like lift have signed on the taxi division of the sfmta has worked closely on mission vao*er rho as we just heard so in the spirit that uber has spread, i would like to invite anyone who has a cell phone to take it out, leave it on silent and i don't know if this works with the overhead if you have an uber app, please pull it up, click on it and delete it.
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[laughter]. so, until uber starts to support safety, i want to challenge everybody to choose other methods to get around. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. [applause]. ( calling speaker names ). >> good afternoon, my name is paul valdez, long time mission district resident and a member of the san francisco bicycle coalition, last year i participate ined the community outreach meetings regarding the safer market street project, i want to thank the generous staff at the sfmta to listen attentively to our store ris navigating market street f, when others ask, why do you ride your bike down market street, don't you find it dangerous, i see myself pondering the exact same questions though enjoyable to ride, market street can be
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dangerous at times i have experienced near misses by private vehicles or have avoided near collisions with unsafe and irresponsible uber and lift driver drop-offs regarding the safer market street project, i'm in full support of supporting the red trance lit traffic lanes where they will ce yait safer lanes, i know the turn restrictions will make market street less congested with vehicles and eliminate confused ride share vehicles and safer for those of us riding a bike. i'm optimistic the new yellow loading zones will [inaudible] so that bicyclists will no longer have to veer into the muni trucks or on coming traffic. i kindly urge this proposal be approved so we can see safer conditions for everyone who shares mark street in hopes
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to manifest a better market street in the future and to bring awareness to those who may not be familiar with the city's vision goals and objectives. i saw a quote the other daybed and it read "safety doesn't happen by accident". thank you very much. >> ( calling speaker names ). >> good afternoon, commissioner, tom, executive direct door of livable city here to speak in favor of the market street improvements, i've been involved in activism for over 20 years i've always wondered why market street is a horrible street for transit. i don't know who designed it back in the 80's, it doesn't work for any known mode of transportation, this set of improvements because it's a nice comprehensive set of improvements is going to make it a much better street for walking, for cycling, allow transit to move and it's
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going the rationalize load tog some degree. we've been waiting a long time i can't tell you how many market street meetings i've been to, this is the biggest single leap forward in terms of making market street the street that it ought to be, i can't think of another street in this continent that has more transit than market and that's more important so these are long overdue and are going to save countless hours for muni hours going to save countless dollars for muni, if you can move down market street more reliably and faster you can provide a lot more service, the time you're stuck on market street is time that -- those are bus hours that aren't out serving other folks and as anyone who's walked or cycled or took transit down market, even small numbers of cars can clog market street, there's a number of pedestrians walking and a vehicle can often block
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a bus, so these automobile restrictions are incredibly important and essential to making this street work, so if there were a lot of ride share cars out there dropping people off on market, making those right turns over and over again, you wouldn't see much of the benefit that you're trying to achieve here for transit priorities so we urge you to stick with the plan that's presented to us and present us the next increment we're looking forward to the better market street and we think this is an improvement forward. >> ( calling speaker names ). >> hello i ask that you consider the visual noise for visitors especially those driving in tr the east bay peninsula i know i mentioned this here before and create distinct understandable simple signage so people know what to do when they get toward market street. in the faq for this project,
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it meshes the planners decided to de-emphasize signage in favor of going to gps companies and google maps. don't assume that everyone is using gps and google maps, frankly i want their eyes to be on the roads and on the signage instead, be fair to our visitors who come spend money here and make it clear. as far as the cacky bulbs they were not mentioned in any of the presentations that i attended, so i'm going to reserve judgment on them and reserve my right to [inaudible] about them in the future once i know what they are. and lastly, please do not water this down to accommodate one company's business model. do what's good for san francisco and i'm sure you're going the get pressured now and in the future, please, do not bend on this. thank you. >> thank you.
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next speaker please. >> ( calling speaker names ). >> >> good afternoon, mr. guber. >> good afternoon, mark gruber with san francisco taxi workers alliance this shouldn't be a fiekt between uber and taxis except they have made it one. it seems more like a fight between uber and everybody else, but let me get to some of the distinctions. we have fewer than 2 thousand taxis in san francisco. uber at last count by their own numbers had over 16 thousand vehicles that was back last december and because they're growing exponentially, we know that it's got to be a much higher number now, a representative of lift said they had tens of thousands of vehicles in san francisco, this was through the mayor's
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disability council last fall, so we're talking about exponential numbers of vehicles, taxi drivers are trained in official school that is are accredited by the city, they operate under city permits, nothing of the kind with tnc drivers. another question or issue i would like to bring to your attention is enforcement if you were to allow the tnc vehicles and i would like to have the overhead. this is an add for an uber like of glowing light up sign, $24.99 and you can be an uber or look like an uber in san francisco and nobody, you know if you just say uber's can do it, get yourself a sign and that gives you the right the make that turn, lift, the same lift products are equally available. lastly, let me talk about the hypocrisy here. right now, uber is in
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sacramento telling the state legislature they should be exempt from commercial registration of their vehicles and here they are in san francisco saying we want the privileges of being commercial vehicles. well, go ahead get yourself tcp licenses license yourself by the state and you can perform this service. thank you. [applause]. >> ( calling speaker names ). >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon, chairman nolan and member to have bore, i'm anna bell chang policy manager at lift and i'm a san francisco resident. lift supports the vision zero safety goals to eliminate commissions to road traffic, safety is a top priority of lift and we want to work with the city to complement public transit. it is biased on the idea of reducing the number of vehicles on market street will reduce the number of accidents this is a clear objective with a clear goal.
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according to the stats 82% of injury collisions involves autos on market vaoet and therefore all passenger vehicle pickups and drop offs including tnc vehicles and taxis can be accomplished on the perpendicular streets at the passenger loading zones so the sfmta is adding these loading zones so passenger vehicles can continue to provide connectivity on market street. we urge sfmta to put a clear vision that puts safety first, a consistent treatment that separates pedestrians and cyclists from four hire passenger vehicles is to establish the mission and vision of vision 0 and safer market street. thank you. >> thank you. >> ( calling speaker names ). >> i figured there was a catch when lift was agreeing to this.
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